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Above the Clouds




After several car accidents in her teenage years, Dr. Alex developed migraines lasting for weeks at a time. After 8 chiropractic treatments, she never had another migraine again and she discovered her passion in life.

Dr Alex has been a lifelong resident of Ocean County and has dedicated herself to serving those who live there and anyone who needs her help in the great state of New Jersey.

Dr Alex graduated Ocean County College  in 2009 and Life University in 2015 with a Bachelors in Biology and as a Doctor of Chiropractic. 

Dr. Alex enjoys wildlife and nature walks, hunting, rock mining and riding motorcycles.


Therapy Pup

Even though she was born without thumbs, Hemi has an unshakable love for all of those who walk through our doors. At the lovely age of 12, she enjoys seeing all of clients and provides a loving paw to those who feel any discomfort while in the office or company to anyone who needs it.  Dogtor Hemi has had 3 courses of Obedience class through Petmart in Georgia and loves to play with humans, and animals alike. She enjoys a good beef bone and lots of fetch.

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